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We are delighted you're here.  We are here to assist you on your journey through parenthood.  We primarily focus on children under 5 but have stuff for children of any age and children at heart.

This site is a portal to all we offer.  Poke around, have some fun!

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Pacifier City

Pacifier City


Zazzle is the best place to buy Personalized gifts by far.

   You can Personalize right on the screen without the help of the designer.  Most Zazzle designs can be customized as well.  Change colors, fonts, etc till you're happy, then buy. 

   Below are some of the items we offer in our store.  You will find tons of pacifiers, and a good selection of baby items, toddler fashion, nursery decor and little kids room products. 

Thanks for visiting!!

Other Things We Do

Toy Destroyer Logo.png


coming soon...

We haven't yet added our twist to this channel, but if you want to see some toys being destroyed we have started a playlist that you can check out.

Standing Child Carrier

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